Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Psalms of Christ

*There are many prophetic passages throughout the Psalms that tell us of Jesus. This Psalm is a compilation of those passages. I have given the references for the Psalms and their New Testament fulfillments.

  1. God made a proclamation, do you know what He said? Let me tell you. God said, "You are My Son. Today is Your Birthday, today I declare Your Sonship. 
  2. What gift would You like? Truly, ask for anything You like, it is Yours! Do You want continents as Your inheritance? The whole world as Your possession? They are Yours!
  3. Make them do as You will. Bend them, break them in pieces, or simply throw them away as You wish. *[The Messiah is God's Son. Psalm 2:7-9 / Hebrews 1:5-6.]
  4. I will do all that I can to make the Lord happy. For He always gives wise counsel, even through the darkest night.
  5. My focus, my whole being is trained on Him, for when I keep the Lord at the center of my life, I can not be moved.
  6. It is because of You, Lord, that I am happy from the inside out and from the outside in I am being perfected in Your image ... secure in Your restful hope.
  7. For You will not abandon me in death, neither will You allow Your Holy One, Your Anointed, to face destruction, corruption, or decay. *[Messiah will rise from the dead. Psalm 16:7-10 / Luke 24:5-7, Acts 13:35.]
  8. Lord ... oh my Lord! Why have You left me so alone and desolate? Why are You so far from helping me, removed from hearing the deepest distress filled cries of my heart?
  9. Oh Lord, I cry out in deep anguish all day long, but I hear no reply. All through the darkness of night I toss and turn in my despair, but still, I get no response from You.
  10. But You who dwell in the praises of Your people, Israel, are Holy, my Lord.
  11. It was You our forefathers trusted implicitly. They trusted You because You delivered them when they were in need.
  12. They cried out to You over and over; they trusted You and You never disappointed them.
  13. But I am not worthy to call on Your name; for I am lower than the dust on a worm's belly. I am less than a man. for I am full of disgrace, despised by my companions ... my peers.
  14. They all make fun of me; throwing their insults, and shaking their heads, they make faces and laugh me to scorn.
  15. You know, he trusted in God, he believes that God will deliver him. So, let God save him since he puts all of his trust, his delight, in Him.
  16. But I do trust You, Lord, because it was You who brought me out of my mother's womb. You put this faith within me while I was suckling at my mother's breast. 
  17. From my very first breath, I had to put my trust in You. You made me know that You alone were worthy of that trust, and since that day You have been my God.
  18. Then trouble moved in next door. Now You seem so far away, and I need help!
  19. My enemies, like a herd of raging bulls, surround me. 
  20. Their heads are lowered and bobbing, their horns pointed menacingly in my direction. They paw at the ground and flair their nostrils as if ready to stampede.
  21. Like roaring lions, they prepare to tear apart their prey with their mouths open wide for the kill.
  22. I am done in. My life is poured out; like a water bucket that has been kicked over and the has o water flowed out onto the ground. My body is spent; I feel as if all of my joints are dislocated. My heart is destroyed; it is as if it has melted within my chest, like wax in the cauldron is melted before being made into candles for light.
  23. My strength is gone, it is as dried up as an old bone. I can barely call for help, for my tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth. You may as well throw me out on the dust pile with the trash, for I am all but dead.
  24. A pack of evil men - thugs, if you will - has surrounded me like a pack of wild and vicious dogs. They have trapped me, piercing my hands and feet.
  25. All of my bones are visible beneath my skin. And the people stand around, gawking at me and gloating.
  26. They divide my clothes among them, but they shoot dice to gamble for my robe.
  27. Oh Lord, do not go far away. God, You are my strength, so come quickly to save me.
  28. Father, please rescue me from this implement of death. Save Your Begotten One from the destruction of these wild dogs.
  29. Deliver me from the lion's mouth, rescue me from this herd of wild oxen, for my death is imminent without You.
  30. Regardless, I will shout Your name among my brothers and sisters. Ever will I sing Your praises among the congregation of believers. *[The Christ will experience agony on the cross,  Psalm 22:1-22 / Matthew ch 26 and 27. Evil men will gamble for his clothing, Psalm 22:18 / Matthew 27:35, John 19:23-24. He is exceedingly thirsty on the cross. Psalm 22:15 / John 19:28. He will declare God's name. Psalm 22:22 / Hebrews 2:12.]
  31. Even in death You protect Him, You keep His bones from being broken. *[His bones will not be broken. Psalm 34:20 / John 19:36-37.]
  32. You have opened my hearing, You have enabled my understanding. Sacrifices and offerings - of animals or money, of body and soul - bring you no joy; You have not required nor requested them, for You have no need of them. It is obedience that You require.
  33. It was when I came to this realization that I came to You, just as it is written in Your book about me.
  34. Therefore, it pleases me to do Your will, my Lord. Yes Your orders, Your very law, is written deep within my being ... directly on my heart of hearts! *[He came to do God's will. Psalm 40:6-8 / Hebrews 10:5-7.]
  35. Even my close friend, a trusted brother ... one who shared my food and lodgings has betrayed me. He has lifted his hand against me and is now among my enemies. *[Christ will be betrayed by a close friend. Psalm 41:9 / Luke 22:48]
  36. Your throne is God's throne forever and always. The power by which You rule is just; it weighs the intents of the people. [The sceptre (or orb, in some kingdoms) is the symbol of a king's power (or right) to rule.]
  37. He knows that You love righteousness and hate evil. Therefore God, yes Your God, has anointed You with the oil of His great gladness; He has named You King ... The Leader of Your brothers, Your companions. *[His Kingdom will never end. Psalm 45:6-7 / Hebrews 1:8-9]
  38. When You ascended (from the grave) you released the captives from their captivity. You received gifts from the people; yes even wicked people blessed You; that You, our God, might dwell among them ... within them. *[He rose from the dead. Psalms 68:18 / Ephesians 4:8-10. Words in parenthesis added for clarity.]
  39. Zeal, enthusiastic diligence, for You and Your household consumes me from within. The insults of those that hate You break my heart. Yes, and they even blame me for all that they hate about You. *[Christ is zealous, enthusiastically diligent, for God and His people. Psalm 69:9 / John 2:17.]
  40. Your enemies placed poison in my food, and when I was thirsty they gave me vinegar to drink. *[He was offered vinegar while on the cross. Psalm 69:21 / Matthew 27:48.]
  41. You have said that You made a covenant with David, Your chosen one. You swore to him, 'I have established your dynasty, your historic line, forever. I have made your throne secure throughout all generations.
  42. Once, and for all time, I have sworn by My Holiness - I will not lie to David - his line will continue forever, and his throne will stand before My presence just as the sun and the moon have from the beginning of creation. *[Messiah is a descendant of King David. Psalm 89:3, 4, 35, 36 / Luke 1:31-33.]
  43. Announce to the whole world - Our God Rules! It was Him who set the earth securely on its foundation. And He will fairly judge all of its people.
  44. Let's hear the heavenly choir joyously proclaim it, as the earth resounds His praises and the oceans join in with their applause.
  45. Let the fields be lush with their excitement and the animals dance. Yes, the trees of the forest will sing and shout with pure joy before their God.
  46. Indeed, all creation will rejoice; for He comes. The Lord returns to bring His judgment upon the earth. Judgment, tempered with righteousness and love. Love for His whole creation, the earth, and His children. He will set all things right ... make all things new, in His faithfulness. *[Christ will return to judge the earth. Psalm 96:10-13 / 1 Thessalonians1:10.]
  47. The Lord God said to my lord (king David), 'Sit here beside Me on My throne until I place all of your enemies beneath your feet. 
  48. The Lord God will hold the scepter, the symbol of your rulership and strength, over Zion and say, 'Now rule with My power and might even though you are surrounded by your enemies.' 
  49. Don't worry, the people will eagerly join you, clad in their holy armor, on the day of your mighty victory. At the dawning of the day, they will join you. You and all of the people will have vitality and vigor of youth. You will be indestructible ... '10 feet tall and bulletproof.' 
  50. The Lord God has sworn - He will never change His mind - 'You are a priest forever, just like Melchizedek of old,  *[He is David's son and David's Lord. He is the eternal priest-king. Psalm 110:1-4 / Matthew 22:44, Hebrews 6:20.]
  51. The Stone which the builders rejected as flawed has been chosen by God as The Capstone of His house.
  52. God has chosen, and we marvel at it. We rub our eyes in disbelief.
  53. Yet, this is the very day God acted. Let all of His children celebrate with great joy and feasting! *[He is rejected by many, but accepted by God. Psalm 118:22-24 / 1 Peter 2:7-8.]

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